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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute  

College for Seniors

 The College for Seniors (CFS) is a programOLLI faculty of the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at UNC Asheville     (OLLI), established in 1988. With full access to the resources of the University of North Carolina at Asheville, members come to feed their minds and nourish their spirits. They seek out an inspiring academic life and the vibrant communal energy that abounds at OLLI at UNC Asheville.

College for Seniors draws from members' experiences and professional expertise as well as from the UNC Asheville and other area institutions’ faculties to offer four terms each year. Courses range from Chaucer to technology, foreign affairs to opera, yoga to history. Held mostly at the Reuter Center on the UNC Asheville campus, courses are non-credit with no tests or grades and are open to all OLLI Members.  Members collaborate with staff to teach, learn, design curricula, and arrange special events. 

The College for Seniors committee volunteers (click here to learn more about the CFS committee) work with the CFS manager to insure a successful CFS program.

Learning is a lifetime journey ... growing older merely adds experience to knowledge of man and wisdom to curiosity  — C. E. Lawrence


How do I register for CFS classes?

What courses are offered?

Each term offers a new course selection ranging from world history to yoga to silent films and more.  Click here to view the courses in database format.  You can search by instructor, day of the week/time, and course title.

How much does it cost?

  • $115 Fall term (8 weeks)                                                                                                     Two OLLI members
  • $90 Winter term (6 weeks)
  • $115 Spring term (8 weeks)
  • $75 Summer term (6 weeks)

How many classes may I take?

You are allowed to register for up to 3 classes per term during the initial registration period. After the original registration period is over and through the first week of classes, you may take as many courses as you are able to schedule

What payment methods are accepted?

Cash and check

Is financial assistance available?

Scholarships are available to cover partial term expense; the annual OLLI membership fee is the member’s responsibility. Submit a completed scholarship application (click here to go to the "Forms" page) along with your registration form. For additional information, call 828.251.6140

Do I have to register in person?

No, mailed registration forms are also accepted, however for best availability, it is suggested you bring your registration in person on the term registration day.

Questions about CFS? Suggestions?

Contact OLLI Executive Director, Catherine Frank, 828.251.6188,

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